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Nothing of any significance happened during the 80's. Everyone had thick, shitty hair, and all the music from the 80's blew ass. I dreaded the day I'd see "Hits from the 80's" being sold on TV. What hits? From who? Vanilla Ice? Milli Vanilli? Cindy Lopper? Sounds like a list of shit-eaters if you ask me. And who could forget that fat bastard, Meatloaf, possibly the worst creation of the 80's. Him and the ever slutty punky brewster. I hated her; but mostly her ugly dog Brandon. All the mut ever did was show off that it could jump through a hoop and stand on its hind legs. What a shitty trick. Anything can go through a hoop if you throw it hard enough
A Pennsylvania woman is suing a pharmacy because she bought a contraceptive jelly from them and got pregnant anyway. She failed to read the directions and ate the jelly on toast.
A 27-year-old man was killed while rocking a vending machine that tipped over on him. The man was attempting to steal a drink out of the machine. Relatives in New York are suing for $400,000 in damages.

  • Some ultra cool (in a neato, hip-hop kinda way) clips from R.C.P. will soon be available

    To view these files you will need the DivX video codec. Download it HERE